“… all of the ladies say “Hey” when he drops his intoxicating harmonies. Mr. Exum’s sophomore release, “THE ONE”, in 2012, has picked up major traction all over the ‘net and radio airwaves. As for T.U.M.S. players, they’d personally like for you to listen to one of his more passionate compositions from this album entitled, “Your Eyes, Your Lips, Your Smile.”, produced by bassist Julian Vaughn, another guy on the cusp of major stardom.

“Courtesy of ReverbNation.” – The New Urban Music Scene


“Every track on “The One” exceeds expectations and is sure to please all of his fans. It screams with a sense of purpose and intensity and will instantly grab new listeners.”
Carla Maniscalo – Mile High Music Notes


“Granted, smooth jazz isn’t exactly a staple of your friendly neighborhood Reverb column, BUT when it comes to top-flight jazz musician, Tony Exum, Jr., even our most hard-edged punk, metal, and hip-hop friends must acknowledge that the man is a consummate musician. Mr. Exum’s latest release features guitarist Tim Bowman, and saxophonist Marcus Anderson, performing a set of the saxophonist’s seductively soulful originals. There’s also a mellifluous cover of New Edition’s late-’80s ballad “Can You Stand the Rain,” featuring Terrill Paul (aka Rellion), who sings backup vocals for Bobby Brown, and the newest member of the popular  90’s R&B Group, Troop.
Bill Forman – Colorado Springs Independent


“She, Aysha, was accompanied by a flavorful sax player, Thomas “Tony” Exum, Jr., who played each note like his rent was due.”
Galaxy – connectingthadotz


Tony Exum, Jr. delivers a strong, R&B-heavy debut; and as far as smooth jazz saxes go, this is an album that is relaxing, and at the same time, intricate enough to make you rewind and listen twice.”
Katherine Gilraine – The Index


“It’s not often that you experience such a tranquil seductive sound that offers originality with a touch of similarity. Tony manages to combine the familiar sounds of George Howard, break it down and create a mind-blowing masterpiece that combines the style of a legend with the new artistry of “sax-full bliss”.  His song entitled “Don’t Worry Bout a Thang” is beyond stimulating, but every song on this cd is absolutely perfect. A Masterpiece! ”
DeAnna Phillips – 


“Refreshingly funky, yet measured and controlled in that soulful; and driven kind of way that is so reflective of much of today’s, and even a lot of yesterday’s smooth jazz.  Sax man Tony Exum, Jr. steps forward to toss in his own pizzazz in the form of a quality debut production entitled “Finally” (a very telling title indeed). While compared in some ways to the late great Grover Washington, the late great George Howard, and the young, gifted Jackiem Joyner, this artist certainly carries enough firepower to ignite his own identity with no problem whatsoever.”
Ronald Jackson – The Smooth Jazz Ride


“We LOVE Tony Exum, Jr’s eclectic, fantastic & electric (i.e. diverse, amazing, & hot) track titled “Give It To Me”!  Tony is featured on our artist page, and is a part of our Smooth Playlist!
Listen here at”   via facebook


“The debut CD of Saxophonist Tony Exum Jr. FINALLY is a disc that encompasses all elements one would expect from the sax man, combining a bit of funk with plenty of contemporary jazz. The record is thematic and consistent throughout. It brings a different kind of energy from that of many c-jazz discs of today. FINALLY contains soulful sax melodies, hard drums, and bass grooves that give the disc its definite and unique urban jazz feel. Noteworthy cuts include: Sweet Conversations, an upbeat classic-jazz cut, “4 on the Floor,” that will put a groove in your step, and “Music in Me” both thoughtful and insightful.”
Elaine K. Miller – Urban Jazz News Finally CD Review


“You can’t help but compare to Grover Washington, Jr., George Howard, or David Sanborn; they show up in mentions of Exum everywhere you look online, but I’d like to add my own. If you like the heavier funky side of jazz, not just the high soaring soft melodic sax overlays you get with many straight tenor-sax type jazz, the funkiness ala the Yellow Jackets, or maybe the up-tempo Spyro Gyra songs like “Heliopolis” or “Jubilee”, or if you’re old enough, think Tom Scott and the L.A. Express – you will LOVE this album!”
Butch Leitz – The Soundboard, Gazette