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Deuteronomy 22:22 | Check out complete part | enjoy verse in context If men be obtained laying with a female joined to a spouse, they shall both of them perish, both boyfriend that sit on your girl , and also the woman : so shalt thou store bad from Israel.

Romans 9:12 | thought complete section | enjoy verse in perspective it absolutely was mentioned unto the, The elder shall offer the younger .

Genesis 9:24 | see entire part | determine verse in perspective And Noah awoke from his alcohol, and realized exactly what his or her young daughter received completed unto your.

Genesis 29:26 | viewpoint whole chapter | determine verse in perspective And Laban believed, it should stop being so carried out in all of our region, present younger prior to the firstborn.

Luke 22:26 | Check out whole chapter | enjoy verse in context But ye shall never be so: but this individual that’s greatest among your, let your become as being the little ; and then he that is definitely main, when he that doth serve.

Genesis 29:16 | thought complete section | determine verse in perspective And Laban received two children: the expression of this elder am Leah, and also the name for the more youthful is Rachel.

Work 30:1 | Check out whole chapter | identify verse in perspective but these days these people which are more youthful than i’ve me in derision, whose fathers i’d need disdained to own set with the canines of my favorite group.

1 Timothy 5:1 | point of view complete segment | determine verse in context Rebuke certainly not a senior, but intreat him or her as a grandad; while the more youthful people as brethren;

1 Timothy 5:2 | Check out full phase | determine verse in context The senior women as mom; younger as siblings, for all purity.

Genesis 19:38 | thought full section | enjoy verse in context plus the more youthful , she furthermore blank a child, and labeled as his label Benammi: similar would be the daddy associated with the family of Ammon unto this very day.

1 Timothy 5:11 | View complete chapter | See verse in perspective But the young widows decline: for when they have got started to wax wanton against Christ, they will likely get married;

Generation 27:15 | perspective entire segment | enjoy verse in perspective And Rebekah took goodly raiment of this lady oldest boy Esau, which have been together in your home, and set them upon Jacob her young child:

John 8:10 | see complete segment | See verse in perspective As soon as Jesus received raised all the way up on his own, and learn zero nevertheless the female , the guy stated unto her, wife , just where are the ones thine accusers? hath no dude bound thee?

Evaluator 1:13 | point of view full segment | enjoy verse in perspective And Othniel the son of Kenaz, Caleb’s more youthful brother, grabbed it: so he provided him Achsah his child to partner.

Luke 15:13 | perspective entire chapter | See verse in context instead many days following more youthful kid obtained in general, and got his own quest into a far nation, where spent their compound with riotous lifestyle.

Generation 3:13 | point of view entire part | See verse in context and LORD Jesus mentioned unto the girl , Precisely What Is this that thou hast done? Along with girl mentioned, The snake beguiled me personally, and that I performed take in.

Deuteronomy 22:5 | read full section | identify verse in perspective the girl shall not just put on whatever pertaineth unto men , neither shall men build a female ‘s dress: for any of which do so are abomination unto the LORD thy Jesus.

Proverbs 6:24 | perspective full section | determine verse in perspective maintain thee within the bad woman , through the flattery from the language of a bizarre wife .

Origin 48:19 | viewpoint full chapter | enjoy verse in context and his awesome dad declined, and stated, i am aware they, my personal son, I know it: he also shall turned out to be a folks, and then he in addition will be excellent: but genuinely his or her younger buddy will be greater than this individual, and his awesome spill shall become several countries.

2 Samuel 17:20 | read full phase | enjoy verse in perspective as soon as Absalom’s servants came to the woman for the household, I was told that, in which was Ahimaaz and Jonathan? And woman mentioned unto all of them, these people be gone on the brook . Once they’d undertaken and could definitely not see them, they went back to Jerusalem.

Exodus 21:22 | perspective full section | enjoy verse in perspective If guy aim, and injured lady with baby, so that their fruits leave from this lady, and yet no mischief consider: he or she shall be for sure punished, with respect due to the fact wife ‘s husband will lie upon him; and he shall pay out given that the evaluator establish.

1 Samuel 14:49 | point of view whole part | See verse in perspective today the sons of Saul were Jonathan, and Ishui, and Melchishua: together with the companies of his own two children are these; the name for the firstborn Merab, and label on the young Michal:

1 Timothy 5:14 | thought entire chapter | determine verse in situation i’ll consequently

1 Peter 5:5 | read entire section | determine verse in context Similarly, ye more youthful , upload yourselves unto the senior. Yea, everyone getting issue someone another, and get clothed with humility: for God resisteth the satisfied, and giveth grace around the modest.

Judges 15:2 | thought entire part | See verse in context And her father stated, I verily felt that thou hadst absolutely despised their; as a result I gave best trucker chat rooms their to thy partner: is certainly not her more youthful sis more equal than she? simply take the woman, I hope thee, instead of the girl.

Deuteronomy 17:5 | perspective full part | See verse in context consequently shalt thou bring forth that guy or that woman , which may have made that sinful things, unto thy entrances, actually that guy or that lady , and shalt rock these with stones, till these people expire.