“She was accompanied by a flavorful sax player Thomas Tony Exum Jr. who played each note like his rent was due.”


Connecting Tha Dotz

“It’s not often that you experience such a tranquil seductive sound that offers originality with a touch of similarity. I stated assimilation because Tony has managed to combine the familiar sounds of George Howard, break it down, and create a mind blowing masterpiece that combines the style of a legend with the new artisty of saxful blist. The song entitled “Don’t Worry Bout a Thang” is beyond stimulating. Every warm blooded woman can retreat with confidence in this sultry song. Every song on this cd is absolutely perfect. The reason for the title of my review “Assimilation to Perfection”; The cd keeps the ground roots of smooth jazz but adds originality with soulful sounds of perfection. How beautiful is this. A Masterpiece! ”

DeAnna Phillips,


“Refreshingly funky yet measured and controlled in that soulful and driven kind of way that is so reflective of much of today’s–and even a lot of yesterday’s–smooth jazz, saxman Tony Exum Jr. steps forward to toss in his own pizzazz in the form of a quality debut production entitled Finally (a very telling title indeed). While compared in some ways to the late great Grover Washington, the late great George Howard, and the young, gifted Jackiem Joyner, the artist certainly carries enough firepower to ignite his own identity with no problem whatsoever.”

Ronald Jackson,

The Smooth Jazz Ride

“Tony Exum Jr. is our featured artist for August. Eclectic, fantastic & electric (i.e. diverse, amazing, & hot) Love ‘Give It To Me’. Tony also has an artist page with us in addition to being a part of our Smooth Playlist! Listen here at www.ussmoothjazz.com”

US Smooth Jazz